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We will design, manufacture and start up your control system including wiring, software and visualization

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EX zone II group

We design and start up control systems for explosive atmospheres of zone II. By using the appropriate elements and components, we can safely control devices in the EX zones.

safety requirements conformity

We carry out safety audits. We raise the machine safety class to the required level. We build or improve systems by using safety curtains, two-hand dashboards, safety relays or safety encoders.

cable routes

We install cable routes in industrial facilities. Depending on the needs, we can locate cables in suspended channels, on walls or under ground.

prefabrication of control cabinets

We prefabricate the control cabinets for both our own projects and based on the entrusted documentation. Long-term cooperation allows us to purchase components at competitive prices but we will also build a cabinet using materials supplied.

industrial object installations

We biuld and install power supply and control switchgears togehter with wiring at the destination.

test rigs

We build control systems that work within machines to control the quality or correctness of the finished components. We have extensive experience with data logging and subsequent reporting in both electronic and printed forms. We know how to record data accurately and with high frequency, we know how to operate the vision system and interpret the image, we also know how to connect multiple machines into one body or give different access permissions to users.

mobile automation

We implement and develop existing mobile automation systems. We carry out wiring and commissioning of systems within vehicles with industrial installations or research vessels. We are able to make cabinets in non-standard sizes, both in carbon steel and stainless steel.

industrial control

We design, prefabricate, install and start up industrial control systems throughout the low voltage range. We use best components from reputable manufacturers therefore our switchgears are reliable.